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 335D STAGE 4 tuning with new Hybrid Turbos 480HP 695 LB-FT


JR Handheld Flasher is a device that reads and writes the software to car ECU via the OBDII port without bringing the car...

MPF - My Personal Flasher

MPF – My Personal Programmer
is a device that reads and writes the software to a vehicle ECU via the OBDII port without having to bring the vehicle to our location - it is Remote Tuning option.


My Personal Flasher Benefis:

  • Android version works on Your phone or tablet
  • Windows Version
  • Tuning files are available on the Cloud system (server)
  • Tuner can provide the end user with a maximum of 5 files
  • Real time gauges, graphs, logs, power test and engine diagnosis apps
  • Full real time remote control by the tuner if required
  • All historical data, operations, files are stored on cloud
  • More Apps are coming soon
  • Perfect solution for cars under warranty - the ECU can be easily reprogrammed with the original software before visiting the dealer

Find your car in the Chiptuning Catalog to check if MPF supports that vehicle or check car list here

Download the software

MPF user manual


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