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 335D STAGE 4 tuning with new Hybrid Turbos 480HP 695 LB-FT


JR Handheld Flasher is a device that reads and writes the software to car ECU via the OBDII port without bringing the car...

Spider Boot

SpiderBOOT is a small circuit to be fitted into ECU with Tuning Protection* to allow read and write the ECU using OBDII diagnostic port.
  • Perfect solution for all E series BMW equipped with N55 engine where ECU is located under the intake manifold and each programming of the ECU requires removal of the intake - with Spider Boot installed we can do many tests on dyno without dissembling the engine - the same way we can provide the customer with faster, more efficient ans safe tuning process.
  • Excellent solution for cars under warranty to perform fast and save recovery of the original software without opening the ECU with Tuning Protection* every time for bench programming.
  • Once installed and mounted, the ECU can be sealed with no need to re-open to make changes or to restore to the original software
  • The OBD programming counters are not incremented
  • Invisible to the official diagnosis tools
  • Recovery always possible
SpiderBOOT can only be initialized once and can’t be re-used for another ECU

ECU has to be send to our location in order to install SpiderBOOT. After installation all of the tuning changes such as original stock software recovery can be done just in a few minutes by OBD port.

Price in our catalog includes installation and can be only purchased with tuning modification.

*Newer cars equipped with tuning protected ECU’s such as EDC17 or MED17 along with other models require direct access to the ECU board which must be removed, opened and programmed on the bench.


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